Joint Boards Articulation Commission Work Plan



In Order To Carry Out Its Charge of:

         Monitoring the implementation and revision of the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AA/OT) degree policy and common course numbering for lower division courses, and

         Serving as a forum for problem solving and referral.

The Joint Boards Articulation Commission will:

  1. Monitor activities included in the JBAC's "A Plan for Course and Credit Transfer..." submitted to the Oregon Legislative Assembly, February, 1999;

2.      Study further the Student Services Action Team recommendations as means to enhance student transfer (academic calendar, admissions, financial aid, residency, satisfactory student progress, student information, and tuition/fees);

3.      Work to ensure that Credit for Prior Learning is transferable between all Oregon postsecondary institutions by implementing the Credit for Prior Learning Action Team's recommendations;

4.      Promote more effective communication between and among sectors, including such efforts as the JBAC web page, Articulation Hotline, and JBAC member participation in the annual OUS conference for community college counselors, advisors, and others interested in transfer/articulation issues;

5.      Promote intersector faculty collaboration in curriculum design and program development that will minimize barriers to institutional admissions and course and credit transfer;

6.      Promote a K-16 approach to course and credit transfer, teacher education, early collegiate options, distance learning and standards-based entrance and exit standards;

7.      Standardize procedures for sharing student data between community colleges and Oregon University System institutions including transfer student characteristics and movement patterns and use the transfer data to support student transfer policies; and

8.      Serve as a forum for other groups working on issues with transfer implications (e.g., the Oregon Writing and English Advisory Committee (OWEAC) and the Oregon University System's Proficiency-based Admission Standards System (PASS) project).


Future or Long Term Goals:

         Establish benchmarks for transfer/articulation; and

         Revise AA/OT degree to reflect proficiency standards and level of performance information.


Last revised: October 19, 1999



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