March 15, 2000

Principles for Practice: Transfer Student Admission and the Proficiency-based Admission Standards System



The Oregon University System (OUS) affirms that:

Therefore, given these conditions and accepted practices, the following statements will guide the admission of first-time freshmen students as well as those coming to OUS campuses with college-work already completed.

Admission of First-time Freshmen

First time freshmen applicants, for which PASS proficiencies are applicable, should come from the pool of recent Oregon high-school graduates. Admissions decisions on these students will be made on the basis of the knowledge and skills attained in high school as compared to a set of proficiency standards. PASS proficiencies will become the preferred mode of admission for those entering in the Fall of 2005. High schools will be expected to determine how both the student=s high school and college course work (completed as part of their high school studies, such as dual credit) will Amap@ to proficiencies required for PASS.

Admission of Transfer Students

Transfer students applicants, for which PASS proficiencies are not applicable, should come from the pool of students already engaged in college-level work and who have accumulated the 24-36 credit hours required by the receiving OUS institution (in line with current policy).

Admission of First-time Freshmen with Transfer Credits

Many students will apply to OUS institutions for which the following is true:

These students, in line with current practice, will be evaluated on the basis of their high school record and admitted as Afirst-time freshmen@Beven though they will bring with them some record of college-level work.

For some time, each student=s case will need to be considered unique as OUS admissions staff, OUS and community college faculty, and PASS (in conjunction with Oregon high school teachers), can gather enough information to Amap@ or Acorrelate@ community college course work with PASS proficiencies.


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Revised: March 30, 2000
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