February 20, 1998




IFS Report

ACADEMIC AFFAIRS (A=Action Item/R=Report Item)

Honorary Degrees (A)
Portland State University requests authorization to award honorary doctorates to Robert G. Miller and Donna E. Shalala at its June 1998 commencement.

Admission Policy for 1999-2000 Academic Year (A)
Each year, the Board approves admission requirements for the aca-demic year that begins during the following calendar year (thus, in 1997 the Board approved the policy for 1998-99). There are no changes from the 1998-99 admission policy.

PASS Project Update (R)
This report summarizes the history of PASS, describes recent activities, discusses current PASS and school reform implementation, and makes suggestions for further adaptations to the PASS implemen-tation strategy.

OUS Japanese Language Project Update (R)
This update describes the work that has led to the next step -- the establishment of the Center for Applied Japanese Language Studies.

Transfer and Articulation (A)
This docket item contains a proposed policy, guiding principles, strategic action, and staff recommendation for Board approval. A brief summary of the context (national and statewide) and highlights of campus and intersector activities.

Interinstitutional Undergraduate Student Exchange (A)
This proposed policy will allow OUS undergraduate students to spend up to three terms at another OUS campus without formally transferring.

Recruitment and Retention of High-Ability Students (R)
This data-rich report provides more detailed information about the postsecondary activity of Oregon's high-ability high school graduates.

Program Preproposals (R)
The following preliminary proposals for new academic programs are presented for Board discussion and guidance:


Second Quarter Report on Investments (R)
This report of the Pooled Endowment Fund for October 1, 1997 through December 31, 1997, was prepared and will be presented by R.V. Kuhns and Associates, investment consultants.
Semi-Annual Capital Construction Report (R)
This report provides a summary account of facilities contracting activities conducted under the authority and direction of the Oregon State Board of Higher Education for the period July 1 through December 31, 1997.

Resolution for the Sale of Article XI-G & Article XI-F(1) Bonds [Amendment] (A)
On November 21, 1997, the Board authorized the issuance of a total of $39,930,700 in bonds, as part of a sale currently planned by the State Treasurer for February 1998. Due to historically low bond rates, staff recommends that campuses submit for approval selected projects that would otherwise be bonded in a later period, but are ready for construction at this time.

Allen Hall Addition and Renovation, UO (A)
The University of Oregon seeks Board approval to commence with the next phases of additions and alterations to Allen Hall on the Uni-versity of Oregon campus. Allen Hall was built in 1922 and houses the School of Journalism and Communication. This portion of the project will be funded entirely with gifts, all of which currently are in hand or pledged.

Urban Center, Phase 1, PSU (A)
PSU is seeking Board approval for authority to approve the construction of the project under its current configuration, and to increase the size of the Urban Center, Phase I, project to 133,200 gross square feet (gsf); increase the total project expenditure limitation to $33,270,000; approve a request to the State Emergency Board for $3,500,000 million of Emergency Fund monies; approve the preparation of a report to the Emergency Board by PSU on the status of "Other Revenues" for theproject; approve a request to the Emergency Board to authorize issuance of $7,685,000 of Article XI-G bonds; and approve an increased Article XI-F(1) bond expenditure limitation to $6,090,000.

Metro Center Renovation, OIT (A)
OIT seeks Board approval to renovate 13,628 square feet of the OIT Metro Center. Approval of this project will permit OIT to remodel all the remaining undeveloped Metro Center space, of which approximately 6,000 gross square feet (gsf) will be leased to Clackamas Community College for its educational programs.

Amendment to OAR 580-021-0030, Vacation Leave (A)
(roll call vote required)
Board approval of this amendment to the Vacation Leave administrative rule would allow monthly accrual of vacation leave for OUS employees, with a six-month waiting period for new employees. The current vacation policy awards vacation leave in a lump sum once yearly.

Federal Appropriations Lists from OUS Institutions
In response to requests from the staff of the seven-member Oregon Congressional delegation, OUS has developed a Federal Appropriations Priorities List for 1998.