Allyn C. Ford is president of Roseburg Forest Products, a fully Allyn Fordintegrated wood products manufacturer located in Roseburg, Oregon. Mr. Ford has over 30 years of management experience with Roseburg Forest Products. He also serves as a director of the Ford Family Foundation, the Doernbecher Hospital Foundation, and the World Forestry Center.

Roseburg Forest Products manufactures a diverse line of building materials and specialty products and has offices and manufacturing facilities in six states, including, in addition to Oregon, California, Georgia, Mississippi, Montana and South Carolina. It is also one of the country's largest timberland owners, with more than 600,000 acres of sustainably managed timberlands. As president of RFPCO, Ford is faced with challenges relating to the current economic outlook. “Tremendous changes are taking place, whether in technology, markets, or wood supply—the world of wood products is very dynamic,” Ford commented. He works with other organizations in “depolarizing the debate on the management of Oregon forests, which has paralyzed much of the industry of our state.” Given his background, Ford brings strong financial and strategic skills to the Board, and represents a mix of the pragmatic, blended with a sense of long-term optimism.

Allyn and his wife, Cheryl, are actively involved in the Ford Foundation—of which one program, scholarships, that at any one time has more than 500 students in Oregon schools. Cheryl is a strong supporter of the University of Oregon and Allyn enjoys spending time in joining her in her activities, working with the University and alumni. Allyn and Cheryl live in Roseburg and have three grown children.

Ford received his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Administration from Yale University and an MBA from Stanford University.

His term expires on 2013.

Committees: Finance & Administration Committee, Governance & Policy Committee