Matt Donegan has served on the Oregon State Board of Higher Education since 2009, and as its president since 2011. He previously served on the Governance and Policy Committee, which was instrumental Matt Doneganin the formation of the historic Senate Bill 242, which provided greater autonomy and cost savings on behalf of students.

Matt also serves on the Oregon Education Investment Board, providing leadership and strategic investment for all public education in Oregon from preschool through higher education. Within both the OEIB and OSBHE, Matt has played a leadership role in reshaping Oregon's public education system to better serve the future needs of Oregon's Students.

In Oregon, Matt has previously served in leadership roles on Governor Kitzhaber’s economic development team; the Oregon Education Investment Team; the Oregon Global Warming Commission; the Oregon Forest Resources Institute; Big Brothers Big Sisters; the Oregon Business Plan; the Oregon Business Council; and Metro’s campaign to raise funds to preserve greater Portland’s natural areas. In these capacities, Matt has served public education, disadvantaged children, natural resource conservation, and rural economic development.

Matt’s professional background includes co-founding one of the world’s largest forest investment firms, and serving as the founding chairman of America’s largest forest policy organization in Washington DC. Matt previously served on board of North America’s largest sustainable forest certification system, and on the national council of the National Parks Conservation Association.

Matt holds a BS in Forestry from the University of Florida, where he was named Outstanding Alumnus in 2009, and an MBA with a concentration in Forest Industries Management from the University of Tennessee.


His term expires in 2013.

Committees:  Elected Board president 2011