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Tuition & Fees Overview | Average Student Budget | Historical Tuition Info

The Board of Higher Education is committed to keeping a quality university education affordable for Oregonians. Below you will find an overview of tuition and fees at OUS. In addition, prospective students and their families should also explore Financial Aid options and go to each campus’s website for more comprehensive information on college costs and aid opportunities.

students at EOUBased on recommendations from the institutions and the Chancellor, the Board of Higher Education annually sets tuition and fees for enrollment at the institutions. These are generally set by July of each year for the upcoming academic year beginning in September. Once approved, the rates are posted on the OUS website in the Academic Year Tuition and Fee Book, and each university also posts cost information on their websites.  The Tuition and Fee Book contains complete information on undergraduate and graduate tuition and enrollment fees at Oregon’s 7 public universities.

Academic Year Tuition and Fee Book (Fall, Winter & Spring Terms)

Summer Term Tuition and Fee Book  (Summer Term)

Tuition and Fees Overview

Below is an overview of undergraduate tuition and fees for a full time undergraduate student. Go to the Academic Year Tuition and Fee Book  for comprehensive information on undergraduate and graduate tuition and fees for different student levels and universities, or go to the website of the university you are interested in attending.

Undergraduate Tuition and Fees, 2013-14 Academic Year

Chart is based on 15 credit hours per term. Certain academic programs are assessed at different rates than noted below. For information on tuition and fees for specific programs, part time students, and other credit hour levels, see the current Academic Year Fee Book.




Eastern Oregon University*



Oregon Institute of Technology** $8,549


Oregon State University - Corvallis

$8,322 $23,514
Oregon State University - Cascades $7,071 $22,623
Portland State University $7,878 $23,088

Southern Oregon University



University of Oregon

$9,763 $29,788

Western Oregon University***

$8,274 $21,759

*Non-resident students from Idaho and Washington pay resident tuition at Eastern Oregon University.

**Students at the Wilsonville Campus of Oregon Institute of Technology (Oregon Tech)  have different tuition and fee rates than those listed here.

***Western Oregon University has different rates for the Tuition Promise option.

Tuition Equity

On April 2, 2013, Governor John Kitzhaber signed into law the legislative bill on tuition equity, House Bill 2787, directing the Oregon State Board of Higher Education to provide tuition equity at Oregon's public universities. Tuition equity in the OUS system means that undocumented students who earn a high school diploma or GED in Oregon and meet certain other requirements will be allowed to pay resident tuition rates, and will not be required to pay nonresident tuition rates for a set period of time. 

Historical Tuition Information:

For information tuition and fees changes over time for the OUS, go to the Budget Operations department to see past Academic Year Fee Books, or see the OUS Fact Book.