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Planning to Transfer in Oregon

Because of the increasing number of students entering OUS from Western Oregon University studentscommunity colleges and other universities, a number of resources and systems have been developed to help you plan your transfer in advance and make sure your credits transfer most effectively. For an overview of OUS admissions policies for transfer students, go to Admission: Transfer Undergraduate and for OUS campus-specific information go to University Transfer Links. Also consider the opportunities in colle-to-university Degree Partnership Programs by which students can be enrolled in a university and community college simultaneously, benefitting from services at both.

Choosing Courses Wisely: It is important to choose your university course work wisely and to work with an advisor in selecting courses. Go here to learn about course articulation, the Oregon Transfer Module, and finding out what courses will apply toward your degree when you transfer.

Community College Transfer Degrees: Oregon Offers community college students options for transfer degrees including the ASOT and AAOT.  

Community College Advising and Resources: To successfully transfer and make sure your credits count, be sure to work with an advisor to select your coursework and make a transfer plan.  Also contact an admissions officer or advisor at the university and program you hope to attend.

Oregon Transfer Days:  Every year, admissions directors from OUS and private institutions visit Oregon’s 17 community colleges to speak to students about their options. Find out when we’re coming to you.