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The Oregon University System's campuses offer diverse, high quality programs of study to students from across the state and across the world. For information on the diverse programs offered by OUS institutions, as well as detailed admissions and financial aid guidelines, please see each website the university of your choice. Below and in the links to the right you will find student information that is currently managed by the OUS Chancellor’s Office.  For comprehensive college planning information, please see each campus website. 

Admissions Resources:

OUS Viewbook 2015-2016, Key Information for Prospective Freshmen and Transfer Students at Oregon's Seven Public Universities. The Viewbook provides key admissions guidelines and deadlines, financial aid information, and OUS program information to high school students and transfer students interested in enrolling in an Oregon public university in 2015-2016. Note: this will be the last issue of this publication.

Be sure to contact individual university admissions counselors and programs of interest to get campus specific information and guidelines. Below are links to the Admissions Offices for Oregon’s technical and regional universities.

Please see Campuses and Centers for links to the campus websites for Oregon’s seven public universities. In addition to opportunities for incoming freshmen, Oregon’s public universities offer many programs and services to help make transferring seamless for the thousands of students who enter from community colleges and other four-year institutions.  Oregon’s 17 community colleges and Oregon University System institutions offer many partnerships to make the transition from a 2 to a 4-year campus as seamless as possible. 

Admissions Policy

Affordability Resources

Please go to campus websites, the federal government financial aid application site at  and the Oregon Student Access Commission at for more information on college costs and financial aid. See sections to the right on College Costs, Residency, and Veterans’ Benefits. Information on Tuition Equity and the Foster Youth Tuition and Fee Waiver is below, and more information is available on the College Costs page.

Foster Youth Tuition and Fee Waiver

Tuition Equity (Request for Exemption from Nonresident Tuition and Fees)

Below are links to the Financial Aid offices for Oregon’s technical and regional universities.

Other Policies and Resources:

Best wishes exploring your college future!